HIBR is making it simple – we are just giving.

For every nonprofit that registers with us, we will donate a portion of our sales to them. We keep track of where donations go by using a referral code unique to each organization. Because we believe in paying it forward, we will also give a discount to individuals that are choosing to support your nonprofit.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” ~Winston Churchill

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Fundraising Made A Little Easier

How does it work?


Sign up

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you back within 72 hours with your confirmation and login credentials.


Use and Share Your Code

You’ll be given a referral code unique to your organization to share which keeps tracking your donations a breeze. The code is a coupon that supporters can use to get $75 or $10 off at HIBR


Receive Donations

Every 100 days, donations are tallied, a check is made out to your group, and donations are distributed via mail.

Save $75 & Earn $75 on each order

HIBR gives a $75 discount per mattress, and a $10 discount per pillow to anyone using your unique code. Our nonprofit partners then receive $75 for each mattress sold, and $10 for each pillow sold.

The HIBR Mattress

Raising $1,000 is easy

10 Mattresses + 25 Pillows = $1,000

When you use our custom marketing tools and engage your community most of our partners exceed their fundraising goals. We make it easy to start a campaign and help you share it with your friends, family and volunteers.

Your supporters not only get to directly contribute to your organization, but they get to enjoy a better night’s sleep through our innovative and research tested bedding products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I run more than one Fundraising Campaign?
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